EIRA: A Seal of Culinary Excellence

In the journey of fine dining, every note, every flavor, every detail blends to create an experience that stays in memory. Among these details, one stands out, not for its loudness, but for its purity: water.

Why do the world’s top restaurants choose EIRA?

Taste: With its low minerality, super low TDS, and unparalleled purity, EIRA is perfected by nature to be a subtle companion to gourmet dishes. It ensures that flavors are accentuated, not overshadowed.

Sophistication: Our elegantly designed bottles not only serve water but also add to the aesthetic of fine dining tables.

Reliability: Consistency is key in fine dining. With EIRA, restaurants know they’re serving the best with every pour.

When you spot EIRA at a restaurant, it’s more than just a water choice. It’s a seal of culinary excellence.

EIRA Water, Partner of the Norwegian National Chef Team

Chef national team

Proudly standing as the sponsor of the Norwegian National Chef Team, we’ve seen them draw an amazing parkour in the international scene. Their newest addition was winning Silver and Bronze in the Culinary World Cup 2022 in Luxembourg. The team received category Gold for their delicious delivery in the senior Chef’s Table with a score above 90 points, ranking in the top 3.

The Norwegian Chef’s talented national team with EIRA Water’s support and involvement, promises success as they take over their next competition, and then the culinary world.

EIRA Water continues to support chefs and culinary arts in Norway and around the world.