One of the purest water sources in the world

Created through the ancient methods of gravity and time, and instantly hailed as one of the Purest Natural Drinking Waters in the world, there is nothing quite like EIRA.

Our Water

Founded at the “purest water source in Norway” in 2007, EIRA water has been embraced by Michelin Restaurants and Bocuse d’Or in the Premium Norwegian Hospitality Industry. EIRA is water to savour, refresh and complement the finest of dining experiences

Quality of Our Water

EIRA is quite possibly the best water in the world. Multiple Norwegian Geological Survey reports on the quality and capacity of both water and source have been nothing short of spectacular. This uniqueness, and exceptional taste and color, is the perfect pairing for any experience, from a fine dinner paired with wine, to the first cool taste of refreshment in the morning.

Source of Our Water

We are all reflections of our surroundings, and so too is water.

Located by Eresfjord, one of Norway’s vast fjords, EIRA water streams from the base of a forty- meter-deep ravine. Absolutely free of vegetation since the ice sheets receded ten thousand years ago, the ravine is composed solely of layer upon layer of exceptionally hard rock.

1,500 meters above sea level
2 Months to reach its destination

EIRA water’s journey begins some 1,500 meters above sea level and takes almost two months to reach its destination. Slowly dripping through many layers of quartz, which act as a natural filter, and never passing through soil or organic material, the water reaches its destination in a state of cold, clear wonder. EIRA is astonishingly refreshing, and perfectly pure. History and beauty join forces with time and nature to craft one of the purest waters in the world.

Norway is a country bursting with natural beauty, and Eresfjord feels like its center

It is here that we found the purest water in the world.

Eresfjord overflows with lush, beautiful greenery, towering mountains stretching for the sky, and beneath it all, cold, clear, beautiful river water creating a mirror for the sky. The wind whispers down through the hills and trees, sending ripples across the river and stirring the mind. Eresfjord is a place for inspiration. It is a place to find peace – to find yourself.